October 11, 2013

Wind Chimes

Happy Friday! My husband took our children to the Haunted Trails this year. In years past I felt our son was too young to go through but this year he's grown so much and is now a teenager. I am really not into the whole scary Halloween scene so I stayed home.

 On our trip to the farm last week, we bought some lavender buds and chapstick. Our daughter loves the chapstick. She says it feels great and keeps her lips moist. That's a winner when it comes to chapsticks. As we went to look at the various vendor booths, we came upon this booth selling these whimsical wind chimes. I love them all. Who would have thought to make wind chimes out of teapots and eating utensils.

Then there are these vintage necklaces. Another thing I would never have thought was brain salt?? I love seeing the amazing things that the handmade market comes up with. Love the time spent browsing and shopping.

Have a funtastic day!

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