December 26, 2015

Handmade Gifts

I have been neglecting this blog of mine for far too long. There have been a few changes that required my attention so I had to put the shop on hold and focus on taking care of what matters most. Recently I just needed some girl time so I invited some friends over for craft day. It turned out to be just what I needed. We made some Nativity signs for Christmas.

I ended up making three to giveaway as gifts. We also made some custom tshirts. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo before we were done, but these were some that my friend and I made a couple of days before Christmas. She wanted to convert some children's artwork into wearable art so I spent a bit of time editing the drawings and the next day we went to work and made these shirts happen.

The blue tee shirt required a bit more work but was well worth it. It turned out the way we wanted it to. Pardon the green dinosaur, his colors are solid but for some reason it looks washed out in the photo above. On this pink tee shirt we decided to go with the line drawings. It shows the details better and I just love the drawings. It's awesome to see these cute drawings on the tee shirt.

This hoodie was a surprise for my daughter. I asked her to draw some Over the Garden Wall themes for me to use for some projects, ahem...her hoodie. She is absolutely in love with this short series that was aired on Cartoon Network for a short time. On Christmas day when she unwrapped her gift she was so surprised and excited that her drawing was on clothing. 

I also stayed up late wrapping gifts and making a bunch of fresh catnip pillows for our kitties. This is Toulouse. He is a rescue kitty and is six months old. He is just adorable. This rounds up my handmade gifts post. Next year, I am thinking I should start really early. I do love handmade. It is wonderful to give and receive because I know a lot of heart goes into each handmade piece.

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