January 15, 2016

A Wedding

 We attended a beautiful wedding recently. The decorations were elegantly done. I love the beautiful simplicity of it all. I took a bunch of photos to share. The silk rose centerpiece was placed at each table for the luncheon. 

Later in the evening for the reception the rose centerpieces were removed to display photos of the bride and groom and on the back were handwritten notes of their memories together. It was really sweet. I thought I took photos of them but alas they're no where to be found.

 The reception was in this beautiful reception center in Utah called Clarion Gardens. I love love the decorations. This floral centerpiece was alongside the wall near the front door of the foyer.

This beautiful decoration was in another room. It was sort of like a place to sit and relax. It's also where the workers did most of the prepping. 

These metal trees are a fun addition to the beautiful decorations. The theme was pretty much white and silver, perfect for a winter wedding.

I really don't know what this large display hanging from the ceiling is called but it is amazing. There were so many lights woven throughout with snowflakes and ornaments hanging all along it.

This is the foyer. I can't get over how pretty it is. The whole place has a vintage charm feeling to it. 

This is another area of the house with more trees and greenery. Love the furniture. This is an absolutely magical place to have a wedding reception. I can't believe how pretty the decorations were throughout. We definitely had a fun time visiting with our family.

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