January 22, 2016

On Organizing

I had been placing all of my sewing fabrics and supplies in drawers. I knew that I needed to re-organizing my sewing space so that I can see and have instant access to what I need. I asked hubby to put up some shelves for me and he finished it before Christmas.

Christmas came and went with all the activities we did over the holidays I left it as is. Each day I looked at the shelves and trying to decide how best to maximize the space I now have. Hubby and I went to look for some storage containers to place the fabrics in. I finally found some at Target. I grabbed all that they had. I started pulling all the fabrics out and refolded them to place in the containers but it just didn't look quite right. I then decided to place the fabrics on the shelves by matching prints as best as I can. I used some of the bins to place knick knacks in so they looked pulled together. The zippers were in a drawer so I used one of the containers to put them all in. They sure do look pretty. These containers also came with covers so it was great to keep the dust away and still look nice and organized. I have some more things to pull together then it will be time to get back to sewing pretty things and stocking the shop again.

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