October 28, 2016

Halloween Time

It's been a long time since our family has put effort into decorating for Halloween since were not home on Halloween while they were little going trick-or-treating. This year it was different. We're actually going to be home to pass out treats. Our girls wanted to put up decorations so off we went to buy some that are already made and some made at home. I actually enjoyed the whole process and look forward to decorating a lot more. First off was to make some bow ties for our cats. Through trial and error, I was able to whip these up. After the mistakes, it was a breeze and boy was I whipping them out left and right.

I cut out some bats for our walls. Lets just say that there are bats all over the house. Then the windows were kind of bare so I whipped up these Halloween buntings. 

I cut out 3 large sheets of these bats. My girls had a lot of fun placing them all over the house. I think they're cute and whimsical. 

I have this mannequin sitting in our garage collecting dust so I pulled her out and had my girls wrap her up and gave her a little hat. 

These were the buntings I stitched up. I made a reversible one just in case I wanted a change from the orange and black. This has been so much fun to create again. I hope your Halloween is filled with tons of fun activities.

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