November 16, 2013

Birthday Girl

We've had a very busy week but a fun one. We celebrated our daughter's 18th birthday. I can't believe she's 18. Where did the years go? 
She wanted a certain cake from the bakery nearby. I had them put strawberries on top instead of all those other fruits and the filling is bavarian cream. As I was ordering this cake, I wondered how they were going to write the birthday wish I wanted. Well, now we know. It's pretty clever, a white chocolate disk and the sentiment in dark chocolate. The gal put the disk on top when I got there to pick up the cake.

I wanted to take some pictures of the cake before the candles went in. Our son lit the candles and we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Here's our birthday girl. She made her wish and now she's ready to blow out all those candles.

As we went shopping for her birthday gift, I came across this necklace and felt it was the one gift we should really give her. There's a certain theme to the gifts we found for her this year, but accident of course. It made me happy and sad at the same time to know and realize that she's growing up. I still can't believe our baby is 18.  We are so grateful to have her in our life. She is an amazing young lady.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

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