February 25, 2016


There are so many things I am wanting to do but the flu reared its ugly head in our home. We don't know how we got exposed but it's not a fun. It's taken along time to get better but we're going to power through this. After being indoors for a few days, I just needed to get outside for some fresh air and going outside was venturing into my backyard. 

My daughter brought home some sour grass when she was little and planted it along the fence in our backyard. Every year it blooms and makes the fenced area look so pretty with it's beautiful yellow blossoms.

There was one day a couple of years ago I decided that I wanted an apple tree so off I went to Costco to buy an Annie apple tree. The poor tree just sat neglected and barely grew. Hubby started watering it and gave it some tlc. This year, we saw it growing with these beautiful blossoms and leaves. Such a pretty sight. Hopefully we will get some apples this year.

My daughter is working on a school assignment and she chose the Lost Ladybug Project to write about. The whole idea is to take photos of the ladybugs she sees and upload it to the site so these ladybugs can be identified. I think it's a great project and they're so cute. She took my camera and ventured into our backyard where we released some ladybugs one year. She found this cute little lady sitting on this unidentified plant. 

Last is this beautiful yellow rose. Hubby gave me this for Valentine's day and I wanted to take a picture of it before it wilts. I love taking photos of the outdoors and it just lifts me up to see pretty things in nature. Hopefully I will have enough energy to start sewing some fun projects soon.

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