February 5, 2016

Snow Days

I took so many photos on our last trip that it would take a lot of posts to be able to share them all so suffice it to say, this will be my last post for this fun family trip. The weather was so cold. It was mostly below 20 degrees during our stay in Utah. As much as I love to see snow, I am so thankful to be living in So. Cal. 
This beautiful temple is in Payson. It is brand new and absolutely gorgeous inside. The architecture is amazing inside and out. We were so happy to be able to see it.

We were able to experience some fun new things on this trip. We happened upon this Stonehenge replica. There was so much snow around it that we ended up standing along the sidewalk to take a family photo and it was also under surveillance so we don't want to do something we shouldn't do.

I've heard a lot about Cafe Rio's sweet pork and was wanting to try it out. Our niece told us to go to Costa Vida instead because she says it's better than Cafe Rio. Off we went to give it a try. I have to say that the sweet pork was good, what little of it was given. This salad was good but I was surprised that they skimp on everything except the lettuce. I think we all had like two tablespoons full of meat. I was watching how the guy spread out the meat to make it look like there's a lot. I remember telling hubby there's not much meat at all. 

It was a disappointing trip to Costa Vida. We will have to try Cafe Rio next and see how that goes. I am always up for something new.

Our kids have never ate at Cracker Barrel's so we stopped to have breakfast on our way up to Utah. This is hubby's steak skillet. It sure looks good and tastes good. I made a mistake and ordered mine with hamburger and that hamburger meat tasted off so my daughter and I didn't eat it. The server noticed that we didn't eat our meat and took off the drinks from our bill. That was really sweet of her. 

The last thing we did was go see Temple Square. I have always wanted to take a photo of the Salt Lake temple and finally got my chance to do so. This is such a beautiful building. It's awesome at night with all the Christmas lights all around Temple Square. As much as I have loved this trip, I came down with an awful cold that crippled me for a good week. I guess I am just spoiled by the beautiful CA weather.

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