February 9, 2016

Stamping and Cardmaking

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was kind of quiet except for the mess I made working on some handmade cards. Aside from sewing for the shop I also love to stamp. I have been stamping on and off for many many years. 

I took a couple of days off over the weekend to get some stamping done. This made such a big difference in what I wanted to accomplish and got me to thinking that I should have done this all along. I usually stamp every week but it took just as long to make once card as it did for a whole month's worth. This is definitely something I will be putting into my schedule so I have more time for other obligations.
The tag above was done using die-cuts and piccolo dies from Sweet Stamps. I did quiet a bit of embossing to give the die cuts the shimmery look. The orange yellow background for the tag was created by watercoloring.
This poppy card was done by coloring and blending with Copic markers. This is a clean and simple style. I love the way that you can layer the colors to add shading to any artwork.

These Valentine's cards were done with embossing folders and die cut shapes. I love the dimension and textures the embossing adds to the cards. I also added some glitter to this little guy's wings. So fun to use glitter.

Love is definitely in the air for this card. Love those heart shaped balloons and I glittered all the hearts with red microfine glitter.

 I love this poppy stamp so much I made multiple cards using it but coloring it with different colors.
After all, poppies are so pretty and have so many color varieties to them.

Just keeping it real with the mess. This is how I can accomplish all of my cardmaking. I literally took over the diningroom table for the day. I of course apologized to my family for the mess they have to put up with but they're just awesome and always says they don't mind. I am one of those makers who puts everything away as soon as I get all my projects done so this mess only hung around for one day.  I have all of my supplies in clear plastic drawers. The drawers come out when I need it and put away when I am done. 

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